It’s Never Too Late To Plan For Your Long-Term Care

No matter how well you plan for your future, there are events in life that you cannot anticipate. A loved one may need acute care for health complications, rehab after a hospital visit or nursing home care. These costs can seem overwhelming, but you should know that:

  • You do not have to use all of your assets and life savings to pay for a skilled nursing facility
  • You do not have to sell your home to pay for a skilled nursing facility

At the Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning, our attorneys help Massachusetts families understand how to save loved ones’ homes and savings while still paying for the care they need.

It is never too late to come to us for help. We have taken cases after an elder has already been placed in a nursing home. The important part is preventing as much financial damage as possible.

Should You Apply For Medicaid Or MassHealth Assistance?

Do not apply for Medicaid or MassHealth just because a nursing home told you to do so.

These programs could greatly benefit you, but you should talk to a lawyer first to assess your full financial situation and to apply successfully. You may need to take other steps prior to applying or you will not be eligible to receive benefits.

Especially considering the stress you must be feeling, you will want someone with an understanding of elder law to tackle the complexities of your situation. Our clients never have to worry about a thing. Our job is to work for your financial well-being and your loved one’s physical well-being.

Your Trust Matters To Us

We want you to be able to set aside your worry about your family’s future. We spend time building up trust with our clients to assure them that everything will turn out okay.

For a free initial phone call and meeting with us, please call 888-784-0864 or fill out our contact form. We work throughout Weymouth and the areas surrounding Boston.