Firm Overview

Meet the Boston Area law firm of Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning

With over 100 years of combined legal experience and more than 30 years practicing in health and elder law, we have found that elder law breaks down into two main categories: dealing with the here and now and planning for the future. Sometimes, they also go hand in hand.

Emergent Issues: Dealing With The Here And Now

We help the elderly, their spouses and children when it comes to issues regarding skilled nursing facilities. If you or your loved one has been hospitalized and are now recovering at a nursing home, not only are you trying to heal, but you are also trying to get your questions answered.

Medicaid/MassHealth benefits, finances and how to get benefits without losing assets are high priorities for our clients, and it is in this area that attorney John Gianino’s experience is put to its best use. With a master’s degree in business, as a former hospital administrator and now as an attorney, his experience is unparalleled. He now heads the Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning. Let him put his unique set of skills to work for you.

Learn more about Medicaid/MassHealth Planning options and Competency and Capacity designations.

Nonemergent Issues: Planning For Your Future

The most common question we receive is: “Do you draft simple wills?” Absolutely we do. We can also have a healthy discussion about estate and probate, revocable and irrevocable trusts, estate taxes, protection of assets, and wealth preservation. Let us help you in planning your future today. It’s never too soon.

Learn more about estate planning and probate of estate.

We help the elderly who are facing an urgent health care issue today and those who have decided to plan for tomorrow. In the Greater Boston and eastern Massachusetts area, call the lawyers at the Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning at 888-784-0864 or contact us online.