Your Options For Your Disabled Child

If you have a child with a disability and want to plan for his or her future, the Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning is the firm to call. In fact, special needs wills and trusts are brought up during an overall estate planning discussion. You may not realize the options you have.

Our service encompasses the full range of estate planning services a family could need, which includes helping parents plan future care for a disabled child. Our lawyers can create trusts and wills that revolve around your child’s needs and the vital care he or she will continue to need in the future.

There are two major types of trusts you should consider for a special needs child:

Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust lets you provide for your child without jeopardizing access to government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. One way to guard against losing these benefits is to leave property instead of cash. A guardianship, a conservatorship or a trustee must be appointed for these types of trusts.

Pooled Trust

If you cannot find a trustee to appoint for a special needs trust, consider a pooled trust, sometimes also called a community trust.

These are run by nonprofit organizations that pool and invest funds from many families, and all family members can make contributions. The trustee chosen by the nonprofit oversees finances for your child.

Let Us Help Protect Your Child

You can count on our attorneys to protect your child’s future. By giving all of our clients personal attention and the time needed to truly discuss their desires, we build estate plans that perfectly match their needs.

You are no doubt concerned about your child’s well-being when looking to the future. Call 888-784-0864 or email us to get a free consultation, and speak with us about your options.

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