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If you have decided that the time is right to draft your will, if you have taken on the new role of caring for your elderly parents, if you are wondering how trusts work to preserve your valuable assets, or if you are dealing with an urgent nursing home issue right now, you have come to the right place.

At Center for Elder Law and Estate Planning, our goal is to provide solid and steadfast legal advice to elders and their families in the Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, area, while adding a component of caring and compassion to the law.

It is one thing to provide legal service. Any lawyer can do that. It is another to provide legal service by understanding where your client is coming from, recognizing what his or her concerns are and making sure all of their issues are addressed.

The decisions you are facing are not easy. But nobody ever said you had to face them alone.

Put an MBA, Hospital Administrator and Experienced Attorney on Your Side

At Center for Elder Law and Estate Planning, Attorney John A. Gianino has real-life experience in business and in hospital administration. This experience factors into all aspects of elder law, including:

  • Third party payers and insurance companies as they relate to nursing home care
  • Decisions regarding power of attorney
  • Tax implications regarding estate planning and probate administration

We call it the Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning because we center this area of our practice specifically on the urgent and future needs of the elderly and their families.

We help the elderly who are facing an urgent health care issue today or who have decided to plan for tomorrow. In the Greater Boston area, call the estate planning lawyers at Center for Elder Law and Estate Planning at 888-784-0864 or contact us online.