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No matter how well you plan for your future, there are events in life that you cannot anticipate, no matter how much planning you've done.

Acute care may be necessary due to a broken hip, as a result of complications from a knee replacement or because of a heart attack. The hospital took good care of you, but you are now rehabbing in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). You may not be sure how long you will be there. At this point, asset protection and health care power of attorney (POA) can come into play.

Do Not Apply for Medicaid/MassHealth Just Because the Nursing Home Told You To

If you or a loved one are going into a skilled nursing facility or are already in one, attorney John A. Gianino of Center for Elder Law and Estate Planning can help protect your assets, including your home and savings. We can also help you determine when to apply for Medicaid/MassHealth.

We Offer a Free Consultation When Helping You Apply for Medicaid/MassHealth

  • You do not have to use all of your assets and life savings to pay for a skilled nursing facility
  • You do not have to sell your home to pay for a skilled nursing facility
  • The Center for Elder Law & Estate Planning can help, even if a loved one is already in a skilled nursing facility

Learn more about Medicaid/MassHealth planning.

Learn more about competency and capacity testing and designations.

We help the elderly who are facing an urgent health care issue today and those who have decided to plan for tomorrow. Call the elder law and estate planning lawyers at 888-784-0864 or contact us online.