Massachusetts residents need to prepare for MassHealth changes

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | MassHealth

MassHealth coverage is vital for many people. The elderly are among them and with substantive changes happening with the eligibility requirements, people need to be aware of their options if they had coverage and were dropped or are seeking coverage and do not know if they will be approved.

July saw a significant number of people dropped

In July, more than 60,000 people in the state were deemed ineligible for MassHealth coverage. This process has been ongoing for four months and July was the worst.

In total, around 127,000 people lost coverage. Around 60% were found to be ineligible; 35% did not give the necessary information to stay enrolled; and state officials could not reach around 6%.

Losing benefits because of ineligibility is one problem, but those who lost benefits due to a misstep in the procedure is a major error. Some could have options for health care coverage like a plan through their job. But for people who are older and might need elder care, MassHealth can be essential. Losing coverage would force them to go through the process to get benefits again.

For nursing home care, MassHealth can be critical

The reassessment of Medicaid across the nation has left scores of people wondering what they will do for health care. Elderly people who need nursing home care could be exceedingly fearful as to what they can do if they lose coverage.

Still, those who had benefits and lost them and people who did not have them at all can be enrolled if they meet the requirements. That includes being a U.S. citizen, living in Massachusetts and having less than $2,000 in assets.

Even if people have not yet been removed, they should be prepared and know what steps to take if they eventually are. Or they can be proactive to retain their benefits. Knowing the entire process and what to do is key.