Should I move to a long-term care facility with my spouse?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | elder law

Learning that your spouse must move into a long-term care facility means you must make some difficult choices. The thought of being separated from your spouse can be heartbreaking, but you also might not be ready to move into a facility yourself.

Different types of long-term care facilities

The right choice depends on many different factors. Consider the type of facility that your spouse is going into. An assisted living facility is one meant for elderly individuals who need some help with daily living, but not 24-hour care.

If your spouse does need full-time care, including help with basic tasks such as eating, bathing or using the bathroom, they will likely go into a nursing home facility. Alternatively, elderly individuals with cognitive or memory issues will go into a memory care facility.

The good news is that many facilities are designed to handle these different types of needs. If your spouse has dementia, there could be a memory care facility that also allows residents to live independently if they are able.

Benefits of joining your spouse

Even if you and your spouse have different medical needs, there are many reasons to explore the option of joining your spouse at a long-term care facility. Staying together allows you to maintain a sense of safety, comfort and security.

Going into a long-term care facility alone can be a scary, lonely and overwhelming experience. Being together can reduce these feelings.

The financial impact

Cost is another consideration when deciding on your best option. Both of you going into a facility is likely to cost more than one of you. However, you will also save money by having no mortgage payment or typical living expenses.

You will also have access to daily meals, emergency medical care and other conveniences at your facility, which can help you save money.

This is not an easy decision to make, and you should think long and hard about what is right for you. There are professionals out there who can evaluate your situation and provide advice.