Your home and MassHealth information

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | MassHealth

Many older Massachusetts residents start to wonder how they will be able to pay for their care when they become unable to take care of themselves. We all know how expensive nursing homes and assisted living facilities are these days. Qualifying for MassHealth can help ease the burden of these costs.

Medicaid is known as MassHealth in Massachusetts. It is a joint state and federal program for individuals that meet certain income guidelines. Many older Massachusetts residents are interested in qualifying for MassHealth to pay for their care when they need assistance. If you’re a homeowner, here is what you should know about using MassHealth to pay for your nursing home costs.

  • You do not have to sell your home in order to qualify for MassHealth but the state will probably put a lien on the house while you’re in the nursing home and try to recover the property when you pass away.
  • If you intend to return home after a nursing home stay, the home will not be considered part of your assets provided the equity does not exceed a certain amount. If you own the home jointly with someone else, your equity interest is half the home’s equity value.
  • When you pass away, MassHealth will try to recover the costs of paying for your care by either putting a lien on your house or pursuing estate recovery from your probate estate. If the house is sold while you are alive, you will no longer be eligible for MassHealth because of the money you make on your home.

A legal professional who is skilled in MassHealth planning understands the intricacies of this process. They can help their client plan ahead so that their assets remain protected.