5 matters to consider when selecting a nursing home

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2021 | elder law

Your family can no longer bear the physical, emotional and financial burden of caring for your elderly parent. The time is now to have those discussions on placing your father into a nursing home.

Although you know that this is the right decision, you still have many questions. A big one is what criteria is needed in determining the place where your father spends the last few years of his life. You will have to address factors such as cost, care and reliability of the staff.

Know the costs and facility

Choosing a nursing home takes patience and research. Here are some important matters to consider:

  • Rely on research: Talk with trusted friends and relatives who have loved ones in nursing homes. They can share their experiences. This will help you come up with a definitive list of criteria you want in a nursing home.
  • Understand the costs: It is not inexpensive to live in a nursing home. In Massachusetts, annual expenses may reach $150,000 or more.
  • Determine if the facility accepts Medicaid: Many seniors have limited income and rely on Medicaid to pay for long-term nursing home care. Find out which homes accept such payments.
  • Visit the nursing homes: Talk to administrators, managers and staff. Is the place clean? Is there enough staff per resident? Investigate the meals they serve, too. Make sure to also make unannounced visits.
  • Scrutinize any contract: A nursing home contract consists of numerous details, some of which may be incomprehensible. Ask questions and consider talking with an attorney before signing it.

These steps mark the beginning of your family’s nursing home journey. Do your best to not overlook any detail.

Gaining a sense of comfort

When choosing a nursing home also remember that the comfort levels of your parent and family are critical. Seeing your parent age and no longer able to care for himself is difficult. While he lived with your family, you did all you could for his care. Now, you want to make sure he continues to get that care.