What is the senior care options program?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | elder law, Medicaid/Medicare

When we reach a certain age, we need someone to take care of us and provide us with our medical needs. Long-term care facilities, medication and frequent medical examinations can be costly. However, a person can get coverage for those services by applying to the senior care options (SCO) program. With an SCO program, eligible people can receive both quality health care and social support services.

The basics of the SCO program

The residents of Massachusetts over 65 years old and with a standard MassHealth coverage can voluntarily enroll in the SCO program. Medicare and MassHealth pay for this program. Its members can receive many benefits through a primary health care provider of their choice, which must be affiliated with the SCO program. This program provides all MassHealth and Medicare covered services, including:

  • Primary and special medical care
  • Hospitalization, urgent and emergency care
  • Laboratory tests and x-rays
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapists
  • In-home care
  • Nursing home care
  • Certified home health aid
  • Transportation
  • Adult health day centers
  • Dental, vision and podiatry care
  • Prescriptions, medical supplies and equipment
  • Social worker’s services

These services are available to the members without the need to pay an additional premium or deductible.

SCO’s health care provider

Once a person applies for the program, they must choose a health care provider available in their place of residence. SCO plans are available throughout Massachusetts except for specific locations in the Berkshires and the Islands. Participants must also select a primary doctor from the SCO network. The doctor will help them develop the best plan according to their needs.

The care your loved one needs

Program participants can decide if they continue to live at home, the home of a relative, or in adult foster care or nursing facility. The program can help them with all the expenses they or their family members need for their care. The application for this program can be complicated and requires plenty of supportive documentation. However, those interested can avoid any delays in the process by seeking the help of an experienced attorney.