Who is eligible to file MassHealth?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | elder law

There’s no doubt about it; making sure you or a loved one is eligible for MassHealth in Massachusetts can be a little daunting. You want to know that if you hopped onto the program that not only will you not face rejection but that your needs are covered. That is why the following information is so important. Look through each part carefully to ensure that you or your loved one is legally eligible to file for MassHealth.

The basic requirements to file

The first thing that MassHealth requires is that you meet the residency requirements in Massachusetts. That simply means that you are a permanent resident of the state. However, there are some options for those coming into the state. You may be eligible if you are coming into the state and planning on residing with a fixed address number. You may also qualify if you are starting or searching for a new job in Massachusetts. Those who would not qualify for the plan include:

  • Those coming in for vacation
  • Those seeking medical care outside of a nursing home

Immigration status

When taking your application into consideration, the state of Massachusetts will take your immigration status into consideration. Although you may not be denied healthcare, not providing enough proof of citizenship or immigration status can lead to being offered fewer benefits.

Your financial status

A person’s or couple’s finances are taken into heavy consideration when offering benefits. MassHealth will look into both financial standing and any assets you may have alone or with a spouse. Because there are various programs available, your financial standing will offer different results amongst each one.

If you believe that your application has been wrongly denied or that your offer contains fewer benefits than you deserve, it is important to quickly consult with an attorney. An attorney may provide you with the legal guidance needed to obtain the healthcare benefits you deserve.