Organization is key to applying for MassHealth

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | Medicaid/Medicare

There is no secret that health care costs in the United States are astronomical. Any Massachusetts resident who has had to visit an emergency room or undergo an unexpected medical procedure can attest to the exorbitant costs that may appear on their bills once they are home and recuperating. Though individuals with health insurance may see those balances negotiated down by their providers, people who have limited or no health care coverage can be left with significant and burdensome debts.

MassHealth is an important form of government-based assistance for individuals who require long-term support and care. The costs of providing for someone with a medical condition or who has reached an advanced age are incredibly high, and MassHealth can help those in need cover those necessary and important expenses. In order to apply for MassHealth benefits, individuals must pull together extensive documentation.

Perhaps the most complicated category of information that the state requires for a MassHealth application is proof of an applicant’s income and assets. This can include many sources of wealth, such as wages, pensions, savings, owned properties, and others. If a person does not have a good grasp on what they own and what they have access to when applying for MassHealth, their request may be denied even if it is legitimate.

Other requirements are imposed on MassHealth applicants. For example, applicants must prove they satisfy citizenship and other eligibility requirements. Ensuring that an applicant has a complete application can be difficult to do, and for this reason many individuals seek the assistance of legal professionals during this important process. An attorney may be able to guide a person through the MassHealth application process and assist them with their many questions and concerns.