What legal issues can complicate the end of a person’s life?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | elder law

For most individuals, growing old is a blessing. As they age they are able to witness their kids and grandchildren grow and find their own successes. Many are able to bestow upon their loved ones gifts to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Massachusetts residents who are lucky enough to reach old age may wish to protect their financial health and legal rights by addressing some of the issues that can complicate their remaining years.

One legal area of concern that can make the end of a person’s life complex is the failure of the individual to have plans in place for their medical care. While many people can continue to make decisions about their own medical treatments, others lose the capacity to stay informed and active in the management of their own medical needs. Having health care directives in place can save people the challenges involved withmaking health care decisions when they lack the capacity to give input.

Another area that can become difficult for aging individuals is the management of their money and assets. If a person cannot make decisions about their own health, they likely cannot make decisions about their financial affairs. They may wish to have in place proxies who have the rights to pay their bills, invest their money, and protect their wealth.

One of the best ways to address an older individual’s legal and financial needs is to talk to an elder law attorney. These legal practitioners cover a wide range of practice areas in their field and can prepare individuals and their families for the important decisions they will have to make as they get older.