Legal support for aging adults

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | elder law

Anyone who has had children or who has spent time with youths will be able to tell you just how fast their needs and requirements change. While an infant may need 24-hour care, support with eating and sleeping, and other significant types of help, a 7-year-old may be able to bathe themselves, eat their own meals, and conduct themselves responsibly while they are out of their home at school. What a child needs from its parents and caretakers will diminish significantly as the get older.

However, it is a sad truth that the opposite can happen as men and women move into their later lives. Particularly when illnesses and injuries affect the cognitive and physical well-being of older adults, those individuals begin to feel as though they need more help to manage their affairs. Individuals who want to ensure that they are making good decisions about their futures and are protecting their loved ones in the process may want to discuss their concerns with elder law attorneys in their communities.

Elder law is a broad realm of the legal field that can include estate planning, long-term care planning, understanding benefits and entitlements and setting up guardianships. Any legal action that may be taken to protect an older person’s livelihood and autonomy may be considered part of the elder law field; individuals who need legal support for these and other issues may therefore want to locate attorneys in the field to help them.

The Center for Elder Law and Estate Planning is located in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and is open to individuals who are ready to address legal issues that are relevant to older Americans.