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We help our clients with their total estate planning needs. Our service encompasses helping parents plan future care for their handicapped or disabled child by creating trusts and wills that revolve around their child's needs. Estate planning is vital for the care and future of these children.

If you have a son or daughter with a disability and want to plan for his or her future, we can help. In fact, many of these types of wills and trusts are brought up during an overall estate planning discussion. You may not realize the options you have.

An experienced attorney can help you create a special needs trust to provide financially for a loved one with a disability without jeopardizing government benefits.

Create a Special Needs Trust

You want to provide for a loved one, not take away their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits. One way to guard against losing SSI or Medicaid/MassHealth benefits is to leave property instead of cash. Guardianship, conservatorship or a trustee must be appointed for these types of trusts. These trusts are also called Supplemental Needs Trusts.

Create a Pooled Trust

If you cannot find a trustee to appoint for a special needs trust, consider a pooled trust. These are run by nonprofit organizations that pool and invest funds from many families and all family members can make contributions. The trustee chosen by the nonprofit is in charge of finances for your son or daughter with a disability. Pooled trusts are sometimes called community trusts.

We help elderly who are facing an urgent health care issue today and those who have decided to plan for tomorrow. In the Boston, Massachusetts area, call the lawyers at Center for Elder Law and Estate Planning, at 888-784-0864 or contact us online.